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About Us

Who we are?

Welcome to Levelux, a place where your journey towards personal transformation through luxury begins. Inspired by Sasha Holmes' empowering approach to life and business coaching, we offer more than just Pre-Owned luxury handbags. We believe in the transformative power of luxury. Each handbag in our collection is chosen to empower you, to be a symbol of your personal growth and success. With Levelux, you embark on a path of fashion and self-discovery. Here, every handbag is a chapter in your unique story of empowerment and achievement. Join us in celebrating your journey towards living your best life.

Mission statement

At, our mission is inspired by the empowering vision of Sasha Holmes. We are dedicated to elevating our customers' experiences by providing authentic, pre-owned luxury handbags. Just as Sasha encourages personal and professional growth and transformation, we aim to inspire confidence and self-expression in our customers through our handbag collection. We believe in the power of luxury fashion to motivate and enrich lives. Our commitment is to offer not just a product, but an experience that enhances personal style and supports the journey towards achieving individual goals and living the best life.